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Our warehouse team pick, pack & despatch 1000’s of hardware orders each week – with a whole lot of accuracy, a bucket load of care & a mountain of Mila love.

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Site Operations Manager

Joe manages our Goods-in, Despatch and Production teams to ensures that our 60,000 sq.ft warehouse operation runs like a well oiled machine – driving accuracy for orders big, small, super complex and even bespoke for our customers.

He’s also the chap that keeps an eagle eye on the health and safety of Team Mila. Accident prevention is high on his agenda (we’re 1000+ days a safe site), along with accident reporting and our fire marshall and first aider teams too.

Some things we love about Joe – he’s qualified football ref, loves walking in the Alps, he’s run 5 marathons, cycled across Cambodia and climbed Kilimanjaro. (We bet you were tired on that day Joe!)

Warehouse Team Leader

Charlie always, always has his finger firmly on the hardware operations pulse. Team Mila to the core, he’s the most energetic, multi tasking person we know. You’ll find him coordinating team projects for some of the largest fabricators and builders merchants in the UK. Charlie earned his team leader stripes during 10 years of service with Mila and just gets the job done.

The antidote to his busy work life is a quiet spot of fishing or cooking a roast for the family with a beer in hand. Ah, sounds perfect Charlie.

Stock Control / Production Team Leader

Tim is a key member of the Mila family and a really nice guy. Over his 16 year career at Mila HQ he’s progressed to be part of the warehouse leadership team, driving our brand values, coordinating our production team and he maintains a sharp eye on customer satisfaction. We love family values and a family vibe at Mila HQ, so it’s great that Tim’s wife and brother are both a part of Team Mila too. It most certainly is a family thing.

Stock Control

Tim runs a tight ship in terms of stock control; implementing FIFO procedures, rolling stock counts, inspecting racking and generally maintaining order and accuracy in our warehouse.

A part of the Mila family since 2002, Tim is a Mila Fire Marshal and part of the Health and Safety team too.

In his downtime Tim loves cycling, swimming and is an avid Thunderbirds fan!

Goods In Operative

Tracey has clocked up 13 years at Mila HQ. She’s obsessed with efficiency and ensures that our goods-in floor is always tidy and, thanks to her army background, operates with military precision. She’s speedy on the fork lift, quick at put-aways and is partial to a strong coffee.

Tracey is a qualified trainer in manual handling and is part of our first aid team, keeping everyone all safe.

Unsurprisingly, Tracey runs a tight ship at home too and loves a bit of golf and footy to boot.

Deputy Team Leader

Alex is a rising star in our warehouse. He joined the team 3½ years ago and has recently been promoted to Deputy Team Leader –  essentially he’s Charlies’ right hand man. In a nutshell, he ensures that every order is picked the same day and despatched to our freight handler for next day delivery nationwide.

Alex is part of our first aider team too, making sure the Mila site is safe one. You’re a gem Alex!

Warehouse Operative

We all love a bit of ‘Bake Off’ so let’s start with the important stuff – Iwona is our very own star baker, spoiling the team with cakes and bakes on a regular basis.

She is precision personified in her approach to picking and processing hardware orders, and to cap it all she is the smiliest person we know.

Warehouse Operative

Steve epitomises accuracy; he never makes a mistake, never makes an error. His order picking is 100% on. the. money. Every time.

Steve, you’re a rock star and we salute you.

Warehouse Operative

Dave has served over 30 years at Mila, working as part of our QC team, returns team and today is part of our picking and packing operation.

When he’s not walking the aisles in the Mila warehouse, metal detecting and collecting old coins are amongst Dave’s hobbies.

Warehouse Operative

Gavin has walked our warehouse aisles, picking and packing hardware orders, for over 11 years. He’s s a colourful character – direct and to the point.

To unwind, Gavin kicks back with a spot of fishing and a cheeky pint.

Warehouse Operative

Neil is a fully fledged member of the 30+ club at Mila HQ, with a whopping 32 years service under his belt. After all that time, it’s fair to say that he most certainly knows the drill when it comes to picking hardware orders and despatching them on time.

Neil’s a Gooner and when’s not supporting his team, you’ll find him glued to his kindle.

Production Team

Wendy is part of our production team who completes all of our late stage manufacturing work on site. After 13 years of service at Mila HQ, what this lady doesn’t know about component parts of cylinders and espag handles, isn’t worth knowing.

Outside of work, Wendy volunteers for The Happy Scheme in her spare time. We like your style – or should that be smile –  Wend!

Production Team

Angela is part of our production team who completes all of our late stage manufacturing work on site at Mila HQ. The fast and flexible nature of this team means that no two days are the same, all in the name of delivering great customer service.

Quick-fire facts about Angela – she loves cycling, live music and can stand on her head! Wowzers!

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