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The End of CE Marking?

The very fact that the letters CE actually stand for Conformité Européenne should tell you that this is one of the areas which could change when the Brexit transition period ends at midnight on 31 December 2020.

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Talk is Cheap

Would you buy a car without asking to see proof of ownership or an MOT certificate? Presumably not, unless you’re particularly naïve or endearingly trusting. I think there are very few of us who would actually hand over thousands of pounds to a persuasive salesman without asking him to prove his claims, yet I see that happening all the time in the fenestration market as buyers take their suppliers’ word for it on all kinds of certification and accreditation.

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BSI Hardware Schemes Under the Spotlight

You’ve probably already seen the press coverage on the two new schemes being launched by BSI relating to hardware. The first is an installer verification scheme for Approved Document Q in the new build and change of use sector, and the second is a Kitemark for building hardware used in windows and doorsets.

I’ve had a close look at both – and, as someone who is immersed in hardware quality and standards, here’s my take on them.

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Let’s start educating buyers about ADQ

Secured by Design is arguably still seen by many homeowners as the Gold Standard in home security. That’s largely of course because of the work done by police forces, the SBD, and licence holders like Mila in promoting it over the years; but it also comes down to the fact that it is often used by new house builders as part of a high spec package in their sales pitch.

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Smart locks – Asking the right questions

Mila has just joined forces with Mighton to distribute its brand new Avia secure smart lock to the window and door trade market in the UK. We’ve done a huge amount of research on what the market needs and we’re very confident that Avia is the best solution for our customers. Continue reading…

Ignoring the rules could prove VERY expensive

In my last column in October, I talked about a friend of mine who had just moved into a new house only to discover that it had been fitted with windows and doors which were not ADQ compliant. Needless to say, he is now pursuing the matter with the house builders direct to try to get them replaced with products which do comply.

As a result, the installer in this case, and very likely the fabricator as well, is facing the huge, and very expensive, task of replacing windows and doors on this whole new development.

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