The 30+ Club keeps on growing

I don’t think there can be many businesses in this industry where so many people have given quite so many years of amazing, dedicated service.

I talk all the time about Mila being a family and about the business being ‘in my DNA’ but it’s very clearly not just me who feels like that.

I might have celebrated 35 years at Mila and my brother Robert 34, but our on road technician Chris Harding and key accounts manager Dave Horton have also completed more than 30 years each.  And, in the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of being able to present both Andy Haynes and Neil Perrett with cards and vouchers to say Thank You to each of them for 30 years’ service.  That’s quite something in a business of this size.

While Neil has spent his whole career with us in the warehouse and behind the scenes quietly doing a great job, Andy is in technical sales so has become very well known to customers and colleagues alike because of his immense product knowledge and his sheer enthusiasm for hardware.

Andy thrives on building relationships with customers and helping them get the most from their hardware, and new members of staff here invariably love his interactive product training sessions.  In fact, when we launched our ‘Celebrity Service’ initiative earlier this year aimed at encouraging everyone at Mila to deliver service which puts a smile on customers’ faces, we could have had Andy’s career very much in mind.

Mila is a business with a proud heritage and a reputation for quality, service and integrity and the contribution of so many long serving employees to that can’t be underestimated.


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