TechTalk is Good for All of Us

Anyone who reads Glass News will hopefully be very familiar with our Technical Manager Strafford Cooke’s Tech Talk column, which he’s been writing regularly for over four years. In it, he gives advice to fabricators and installers on everything from distinguishing between different hardware finishes to meeting the demands of TS007.

You can read some of his many highlights here:

  1. Thinking outside the box on ADQ
  2. Straight talking guide to standards: PART 1
  3. Straight talking guide to standards: PART 2
  4. Don’t trust a star without a kite

The main aim of the column is to demystify the regulations which governs the hardware sector and cut through the jargon which always seems to surround it. Quite rightly, Straff argues passionately that hardware regulation is there to keep consumers safe and secure. At the same time though, he recognises that it can be a source of considerable pain for companies who have to keep up with what can seem like continuous changes, and he’s definitely doing his bit to address that!

Straff of course is Mila’s own technical guru – he’s the person who helps our customers with all their fabrication and installation queries and guides them through the process of achieving performance and security accreditations. He was also behind our latest initiative to build a library of PAS24 test data which can be cascaded down to customers so that they can meet the requirements of Approved Document Q more easily.

He represents Mila on a great many technical committees at the GGF and the DHF, helping to shape future regulation and responding to changes in the market. For us, having someone like Straff here is a huge advantage because it means Mila is always ahead of the game, rather than playing catch up like some of our competitors.

By initiating and writing his regular column in Glass News though, Straff is ensuring that many of the positives which he brings to us and to our customers also benefit the wider market, and I think he should be applauded for that.


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