Record Levels of Stock Incoming!

Our latest On Time In Full performance figures are back above 96%, which is the most visible indication yet to customers that we have more stock on the shelves than at any point since March 2020. We’re not quite back yet to the giddy heights of 98.5% OTIF, which was pretty standard at Mila before the pandemic, but it certainly won’t be long.

Thanks to the incredible hard work of our teams in the UK and at our dedicated supply chain office in China, as well as some serious long-term investment, I can confidently say that Mila is well on the way to overcoming the supply chain issues which plagued virtually the whole of the hardware sector this year.

We’re ramping up our stock levels all the time and have vast amounts more incoming. In fact, by March 2022, we’ll have a massive 45% more stock on the shelves here in Daventry than we did in our previous peak, which was way back in June 2019. We always have more stock in the Spring to allow us to navigate the inevitable interruptions in our supply which come from the Chinese New Year, but I’m sure customers will be pleased to hear that this will be a record-breaking year.

In reality, we all still face some big challenges in terms of sharp increases in raw material costs and record prices for shipping, which are likely to persist until at least mid-way through next year, but, when it comes to product availability, we are in a much better position.

For instance, with the arrival of our new 1 star anti-bump cylinder this month, we now have a full range of security cylinders in stock and available for next day delivery – all the way from 6-pin entry level to top of the range 3 star anti-snap. The best part of that is that customers can finally start to make product choices again based on what will help them win business and increase margin, rather than just from what is available.

Get in touch with our team, and they’ll be able to help and advise on the whole of our cylinder range.


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