Doors Deserve Mila

Coinciding with the announcement that it has added the Ingenious range of locks and hardware to the Yale range that it already sells, Mila has launched an exciting new ‘Doors Deserve Mila’ campaign. Rolled out online and in person via the Mila sales teams, it communicates the scale and quality of Mila’s entire hardware offering for doors and makes it even easier for customers to choose and order the right products for any market or application.

Alongside the door locks, Doors Deserve Mila encompasses Mila’s SupaSecure stainless steel door handles and TS008 accredited letterplates, fastest to fit ProSecure door hinges, 1, 2 and 3-star cylinders and Supa stainless steel door bars and escutcheons.

Sarah Gyde, Mila’s Marketing Director, says that Doors Deserve Mila has been created to help customers see how easily they combine top quality Mila designed stainless steel hardware with locks and cylinders from some of the biggest brands in the marketplace, while enjoying the same legendary Mila support and service on every single product.

The Mila website now includes a dedicated page for door locks, clearly segmented into products for PVC-U, composite and aluminium applications. It features full specifications, dimensional drawings and part numbers for all the locks, as well as compatible strikers and packers.

There are already dedicated pages for Mila’s patented security handles, letterplates and hinges, and one of the distinctive features of all of them is the use of specially created animations, which take customers inside the products to see how easy they are to fit and how the technology behind them actually works.

Sarah Gyde explains:

“Mila has made massive investments in our online presence since the start of the pandemic, specifically to help customers who we know are busier than ever. Everything is in one place, but it’s all very carefully curated by brand, application and security accreditation so that customers can find exactly what they want in moments.

“We’ve already launched our The EDIT collections which bring together our stainless steel, value and emergency exit products into easy to navigate sections, and now we’ve added the Doors Deserve Mila feature which takes that one step further to highlight the strength of our doors offering. It’s not just useful for customers who are visiting the website, but also for our sales teams in remote and face to face sales meetings.”


The Doors Deserve Mila campaign is online now.

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