Backing the GGF

I’ve just been reading a summary of the 2016 GGF Membership survey and, while there’s a mix of positive and negative in there, it was interesting to be reminded of just how important the federation still is to this industry.

Over half of UK window and door installations are carried out by GGF members apparently, and the new consumer site is already attracting 5000 consumers every day which is impressive from a standing start.

In terms of the survey, members said that the most valuable thing they get from the GGF is technical knowledge and help, followed by being able to use the GGF brand and logo – no surprises there.

Interestingly though, 63% of those who responded said they were satisfied with the services and benefits they receive, but a further 33% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. There’s clearly a way to go in getting the message out even to members about how useful the GGF can be, which I think is a real shame.

Mila has been a member of the GGF since 1989 – some 12 years after the GGF was set up in 1977. We’ve always believed that that the GGF has a valuable role to play in encouraging best practice, helping to shape legislation and of course lobbying for the industry’s interests in government.

That’s why key members of our team such as Technical Manager Strafford Cooke take the time to sit on various GGF committees so that they can stay bang up to date with anything new which could affect our customers and have their say on changing legislation and policies.

As a hardware manufacturer and distributor we obviously don’t benefit from very many of the support services which the GGF provides to installers working at the sharp end of the industry, but we still believe that having the GGF logo on our literature and on our website really matters.

It’s all about demonstrating that we meet the high standards set and that we back the federation’s efforts to protect consumers.

It’s the GGF’s 40th anniversary this year – no doubt there’ll be plenty of celebrations ahead.


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