All in a good cause

Anyone who is still in any doubt about the true level of my commitment to the GM Fundraising cause should probably have a look at these photos from the recent Witches and Wizards gala dinner.

In the true spirit of Halloween, the team at Mila gamely dressed as pumpkins – creating our very own, very orange, pumpkin patch!  What we might have lacked in fright, we made up for in fun and it was a fantastic night which helped the charity to reach an amazing total of £250,000 raised in 2016 alone.

This obviously includes the figure from the Border to Border to bike ride which I was also part of during the summer, but it’s a huge credit to the team behind the charity and to all those in the industry who give so generously.

As we’ve shown time and again at Mila, when it comes to raising money for a good cause, we’re always willing to go the extra mile.  I didn’t have to get on my bike this time – but I’m not sure I could have cycled in those tights anyway!


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