A Game Changing New Product

It’s a big week here at Mila because it’s the launch week for our brand new TS008 certified letterplate. All the product info you need is here for both the stainless steel SupaSecure and standard ProSecure versions.

We’re really excited about this product because we’ve managed to achieve what for a long time fabricators had told us they thought was impossible – a fully compliant TS008 letterplate which is stylish, slimline, leakproof and simple and easy to fit.

So many of our competitors who’ve launched TS008 letterplates over the last couple of years had somehow convinced the market that the only way to comply with TS008 was with a bulky, cumbersome looking product which sacrificed style for functionality, but our talented and experienced design team have proved that’s simply not true.

We’re obviously not first to market with this, but I think anyone who sees the Mila product will agree that it’s been worth waiting for. We’ve spent a lot of time getting feedback from fabricators working in new build, retail and social housing about what they needed their ideal TS008 compliant letterplate to look like and what issues they wanted us to address from existing versions on the market; and we’ve delivered a product that ticks every box on their wish list.

If you know anything about TS008 you’ll understand that, in design terms, it is immensely challenging. Compliant products have to make it impossible for opportunist thieves to be able to fish through the letterplate for keys and valuables or use it as an access point to manipulate the cylinder from the inside – while also making sure that it’s still easy to post mail through.

That’s why we’ve seen so many letterplates with ugly looking cowls fixed onto the inside which effectively just force anything that comes through the letterbox downwards. The Mila solution takes a completely different approach with clever patent pending anti-fishing fins which open like a concertina to allow the mail through normally but restrict the internal flap itself to 80° and prevent manipulation of the door cylinder. The big advantage is that the whole thing projects internally by just 45mm so it’s neat and unobtrusive and means it can be fitted even in narrow hallways without any risk of the letterplate hitting the wall on the inside every time the door opens.

When it comes to eliminating the problems which fabricators told us that had experienced of other products leaking, the Mila team have designed an integrated drainage channel and uses a combination of external foam and internal nylon brushes. As a result, it scores an impressive 150Pa water penetration rating in the BS6475-1 test – which is the equivalent to 2 litres of water a minute being sprayed onto the door in gale force conditions!

We’ve obviously made sure our letterplate is easy to fit as well to make life easy on the factory floor – with standard aperture fixing and no special screws or routing required. It goes onto the door straight from the box with no need to disassemble it first and it typically takes less than two minutes.

There’s a great range of mix and match colours and finishes available which you can try out for yourself over on the webpage and, because it’s Mila, you can relax knowing that it’s all fully tested and fully warrantied and that quality and performance is guaranteed thanks to our BSI Kitemark

Our Product Design Director Paul Pearson is very proud of this product, describing it as a ‘game changer’. This time, I think he’s right.


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