TBT Gear

TECHNICAL DRAWINGS Range of Application Window/Door Width (mm) 230-1560 Height (mm) 260-2360 Sash Weight (kg) Please note: The width may not exceed1.5 times the height. It is imperative to adhere to the following: Product and liability requirements/guidelines (Quality Assurance Association: Locks and Hardware’s directive ‘VHBH’, as well as previous and applicable documents). Profile manufacturer or system owner information (PVC or Aluminium) or DIN68121 - Timber profiles for windows and balcony doors. 18 23 25 20 24 19a 21 13 27 130kg 26 6a 9 32 11 19a 35 6c 36 37 8 19a 19a 19a 19a 19a 19a 19a 19a 2 22 12c 28 130kg 1a 1b 4a 4b 4c 5 130 TBT Gear Siegenia Titan AF Face-Fixed Tilt & Turn Gearing 419 Order by 5pm // Delivered When You Need It