TBT Gear

Face-fixed tilt and turn gear. Profile related. Suitable for PVCu, timber and eurogroove aluminium systems. •Locking mushroom cams with self-adjusting height for smooth operation •Suitable for manual, semi and fully automated assembly •Integrated sash lift roller cushions the sash and allows it to slide smoothly into the frame •Face mounted hinges available in white or brown •Universal or handed rebated hinges available •Suitable for sash weights up to 130kg No. Description 1a Narrow Corner Drive 1b Corner Drive 2 Stay 4 Additional Stay 5 Packer Z 6a Bottom Corner Drive Narrow 6c Bottom Corner Drive 8 Linkage 9 Drive Gear 11 ProLinea TBT Handle 12c Back Corner Drive 13 Linkage 18 Tilt Lock Bearing 19 Striker Plate 20 Mishandling Device 21 Pressure Piece 22 Tilt Restrictor 23 Stay Hinge 36 Corner Rebate Hinge (handed only) 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 34 Basic Bag non-handed 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 37 Basic Bag Rebated R/H or L/H GUARANTEES HOW TO ORDER TBT GEAR WITH US Simple provide us with the following information & we will select your profile related kit for you. 1. Profile system 2. Rebate width & height 3. Hinge colour required 4. Handle colour required 5. Which way it needs to be handed PART LIST PRODUCT DESCRIPTION TBT Gear Siegenia Titan AF Face-Fixed Tilt & Turn Gearing 420 Mila Sales 01327 312 400