What’s so complicated about guarantees?

If you read the trade press, you’ll hopefully have seen lots of coverage of our newly simplified guarantees.

The marketing team here have produced a brand new set of design icons which are being rolled out now across all our packaging, literature and website. These show whether a product is guaranteed for 5, 10, 20 or even 25 years on performance, or finish, or both, and the idea is that they’ll make it easy for customers to pick exactly the right product for every project.

They’re as simple and as straightforward as we can make them, completely in line with our commitment to always treating customers honestly and fairly. Crucially, they’re also underpinned by the simple and transparent terms of our guarantees themselves, meaning there are no hidden catches or small print clauses – just peace of mind for Mila customers.

When we looked at what was happening in the market, it seemed to us that there was very little consistency and even a certain amount of confusion out there with regard to guarantees. We know that we’re making a much more straightforward promise than some of our competitors. As long as a product has been fitted in accordance with Mila’s guidelines, if either the product or the finish fails within the time limit of the guarantee, customers simply need to provide photographic evidence or return the product to Mila to receive a replacement – as simple as that.

Obviously, the reason we can afford to do this is that failures on our products are so rare. Mila’s quality assurance processes, both here and in China, are so advanced now that by the time a product reaches a customer, it’s already been through a testing regime much tougher than anything it’s likely to experience in the real world.


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