Lifetime homes – an opportunity not to be missed

Techtalk | Straff Cooke, Technical Director, Mila

Walking around the FIT Show, I was struck by how many products are now being marketed as achieving the ‘Lifetime Homes’ standard.  This is the standard which aims to make sure that a home being built today will continue to be convenient for a wide range of occupants, which can include young families, wheelchair users and the elderly.

It’s more demanding than Part M of the Building Regulations which only covers accessibility of buildings; and it addresses future adaptability and design features to make a home flexible enough to meet the changing needs of occupants at different stages of their lives as well as the needs of any future occupants. Continue reading…

Stainless steel hardware – it’s not just about the finish

Techtalk | Straff Cooke, Technical Director, Mila

Take two stainless steel handles – they both function and they both look very similar.  But, in my experience, underneath, they can actually be as different as two pieces of furniture – one which is crafted from a piece of solid oak timber sawn, planed and sanded into shape, dove-tail jointed and lovingly waxed and the other produced from a chipboard veneered material, butt jointed and mechanically fixed.

It doesn’t take a design expert to work out which one of these will still be functioning and look the same after five years, never mind 25 – and it’s very much the same case with stainless steel hardware. Continue reading…

Is the hardware you’re buying up to the standard?

Techtalk | Straff Cooke, Technical Director, Mila

Without third party accreditation, how can you tell?

If you’re buying – or indeed selling – a product which has been PAS24, TS007, BSEN1906 or BSEN1935 approved, then it’s understandable to assume that it has been rigorously tested to meet that standard. Continue reading…

PAS24: 2016 comes into force – what does it mean for fabricators and installers?

Techtalk | Straff Cooke, Technical Director, Mila

The revised PAS24:2016 standard was published in February and the new 2016 SBD design guides are being printed as I write, so now is an exciting time to be in security hardware.

For fabricators and installers faced with complying with the new rules however, I do understand that it can all seem like a bit of a chore. Continue reading…