Supporting our Friends in Ukraine

Back in February when the war in Ukraine began, I posted on here saying that Mila was offering our unconditional support to Axor, our tilt and turn hardware supplier based in the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro.

At the time, we had no idea how the Russian invasion was going to develop and whether Axor would even be able to maintain production. However, incredible as it may seem under the circumstances, the Axor factory is still open – very much in line with requests from the Ukrainian government for businesses to continue operating if at all possible, to try and support the ravaged economy.

While we’ve obviously put in place contingency plans to supply customers with alternative tilt and turn hardware should the supply from Axor be interrupted at any point, I’m pleased to say that currently there are absolutely no problems.

We’ve been continuing to place orders and together we have facilitated new shipping and delivery routes via a massively expanded warehouse they have set up in Poland. Osman Yilmaz, Axor’s MD, has contacted me to thank us for our support and I’d like to pass that on to all our Axor customers in the UK. Without hesitation, every single one of them has continued to choose Axor products and welcomed the fact that we are making that possible.

Patrick Firmager, Project Director at TruFrame, speaks for many when he says: We give our wholehearted support to the incredible team in Ukraine who are working tirelessly to continue operating, in spite of the incomprehensibly difficult situation their country is facing.

“We’re very impressed with how Mila has managed the supply chain. There’s very little risk that our customers will notice any drop in service levels which, given the circumstances, is a tremendous accomplishment.”

All the details on the Axor products are over on our product pages here.


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