Singing success at Mila

We set great store by our service levels here at Mila – guaranteeing next day delivery and maintaining a supply chain which achieves OTIF scores in excess of 99%.

Critical to that of course is the performance of our warehouse team, who are responsible for making sure that every order is picked accurately, packed securely and despatched promptly.In line with our mission towards continuous improvement, the team are always looking for ways to develop their service still further though, and over the last year have been implementing an innovative new singing regime to make their performance even better.

They tell me that singing has been proven as a way to embed information and to remember patterns – apparently it’s used in schools to teach times tables now. The warehouse team have been singing to help them remember part numbers and SKU locations, and I can’t deny that the incremental improvements this has delivered in speed and accuracy have been impressive.

What’s actually even more impressive to me though is the quality of the singing – the team are actually very good. So good in fact that three of the guys – Charlie, Tim and Dan have taken things a step further and formed a band – appropriately called ‘Milan’. Excitingly, they’ve been signed up by renowned music industry manager Flora Olip and early indications are that they have the potential to be the next One Direction.

You can have a sneaky listen to just how good they are here and when ‘Milan’ are selling out the 02, remember you heard them here first!


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