TBT Gear

The individual tilt and turn functions for TBT windows are achieved as follows: Mila has been in partnership with leading German hardware manufacturer Siegenia for over 35 years. Mila stocks the widest range of Siegenia products in the UK including its TITAN, ALU and PORTAL product ranges. From standard locking applications to specialist requirements - folding, sliding, tilt & turn, arched, concealed, magnetic, security systems - Mila and Siegenia have got a hardware solution in stock. Lockable TBT handles can be locked in all 3 positions to enhance window safety and security. In high-rise applications, for example, they can be locked to access the tilt position only to provide child safety. 1. Closed Position 2. Tilt Position 90 ° 3. Turn Position 90 ° QUALITY HARDWARE. A PARTNERSHIP YOU CAN TRUST GUIDE TO TILT BEFORE TURN APPLICATIONS Tilt before turn Tilt Before Turn (TBT) TBT windows open inwards to the “tilt” position for ventilation and “turn” position for additional ventilation, cleaning or emergency egress. TBT windows function via central locking gear which operates around the sash. The number of locking points can vary according to the window size. The highest security solutions featuring mushroom cam locking on all four sides. TBT Gear 417 Order by 5pm // Delivered When You Need It