Friction Hinges

61 Choosing Your Friction Hinge Friction Hinges 2. Identify the Type of Friction Hinge Required Different types of friction hinge are available for different purposes, the main types are: 3. Do Not Exceed the Recommended Maximum Sash Weight Limit When selecting friction hinges note their recommended maximum sash sizes and weights – these should not be exceeded. You should also consult your profile system manual for details of their recommended maximum sash sizes and weights. 4. Identify the Material Specification Required Friction hinges are usually manufactured from one of two types of stainless steel: Ferritic: Hinges manufactured from type 430 stainless steel. Austenitic : Suitable for coastal installations or applications subject to any form of chemical contamination. 1. Identify the Required Friction Hinge Stack Height The friction hinge stack height required will usually be dictated by the profile system being fabricated - consult your profile system manual for details of their recommended stack height. Alternatively contact the Mila Technical department on: 01327 707300. To Measure the Stack Height of an Existing Friction Hinge: With the friction hinge fully closed so that all of the arms are stacked on top of each other, measure from the bottom arm of the stay to the top arm. This measurement is the stack height. The standard stack heights for friction hinges are 13mm and 17mm. Standard Friction Hinges Standard hinges for use on side hung and top hung casement windows. Egress Easy Clean Friction Hinges As below but also incorporating an easy-clean position for safe cleaning of the glass from inside. Egress Friction Hinges Friction hinges with a wide opening angle for emergency egress. Allow casement windows to satisfy the emergency egress requirements of Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. Restricted Friction Hinges Friction hinges with a built-in restrictor to restrict first opening position to a maximum of 100mm for safety. Heavy Duty Friction Hinges Profile specific, these hinges are wider than standard hinges and are designed for use on larger casement windows. Order by 5pm // Delivered When You Need It IDENTIFICATION