Door Locks

Door Locks ProSecure Multipoint Door Lock 2 Hook, 2 Anti-Lift Pin, 4 Roller - for Standard Residential Doors 205 PRODUCT INFORMATION •Multipoint door lock for standard residential doors •2 upward locking hooks provide enhanced security •Locking points can withstand an applied load of 7.5kN - and still operate •2 independent pins, that engage when the hooks are thrown, provide anti-lift protection •For enhanced weather sealing, smooth operation and hook engagement, pre-compression roller cams are located top and bottom •Pre-compression roller cams +/- 1mm adjustable •Option of normal or dual function gearbox (standard or split spindle) •Tested to PAS 24 for enhanced security •Tested to BSEN 1670: grade 4 achieving 240 hour corrosion resistance •Tested to BS 6375-1 for weathertightness •Police preferred specification - Secured by Design approved TWIST & CLIP PACKERS Place packer into ‘C’ shaped channel Twist into place... ...and clip to secure PROSECURE ONE-PIECE STRIKER •Unique c-section design allows packers to ‘twist ‘n’ clip’ securely into place •Achieves PAS24: 2016 enhanced security standard without the need for additional security plates PAGE 271 Order by 5pm // Delivered When You Need It