Door Locks

Door Locks 201 ProSecure Multipoint Door Lock 2 Hook, 2 Anti-lift pin, 2 Roller - for Residential & French Doors PRODUCT INFORMATION •Extendable multipoint door lock for residential and French doors •2 upward locking hooks provide enhanced security •2 independent pins, which engage when the hooks are thrown, provide anti-lift protection •2 pre-compression roller cams, located top and bottom, provide enhanced weather sealing, smooth operation and hook engagement •Pre-compression roller cams +/- 1mm adjustable •Locking points can withstand an applied load in excess of 7.5kN •Option of shootbolts top & bottom to provide enhanced security •Option of normal or dual function gearbox (standard or split spindle) •Tested to PAS 24 for enhanced security •Tested to BSEN 1670: grade 4 achieving 240 hour corrosion resistance •Tested to BS 6375-1 for weathertightness •Tested to BS 6375-2 in excess of 50,000 cycles for operation reliability •Police preferred specification - Secured by Design approved product TWIST & CLIP PACKERS Place packer into ‘C’ shaped channel Twist into place... ...and clip to secure PROSECURE ONE-PIECE STRIKER •Unique c-section design allows packers to ‘twist ‘n’ clip’ securely into place •Achieves PAS24: 2016 enhanced security standard without the need for additional security plates PAGE 271 Order by 5pm // Delivered When You Need It