Door Handles

Door Handles 89 Choosing Your Door Handle PZ centres Backplate length 21.5mm 50mm 92mm 220mm 75mm 54mm 53.5mm m 115mm 116mm 122mm Ø 17mm Ø 12mm 56mm 22mm 21.5mm 50mm 92mm 220mm 239.96mm 211mm 92mm 75mm 122mm Order by 5pm // Delivered When You Need It 1. Identify the PZ Measure the distance from the centre of the handle spindle hole to the centre of the cylinder. The most common PZ size is 92mm. However, PZ sizes can vary, depending on lock manufacturer and lock function i.e. twin spindle locks. 220mm Backplate: Two screw fix backplates. Lever/lever versions can be used with most standard PZ92 multipoint door locks. Lever/pad versions can be used with Mila ProSecure door locks or other split spindle locks. 240mm Backplate: Two screw fix backplate, most commonly used with Mila locks and Yale door locks. 2. Identify the Length of the Backplate The multipoint locking system you use will dictate the size and type of door handle fitted. Measure the lockcase and select a handle which screw fixings secure either through the lock or on either side of the lockcase. If you have an existing handle available measure the overall length of the backplate and note the position and number of screw fixings. There are two standard variants of Mila door handles: 220mm 240mm IDENTIFICATION