Cylinders & Escutcheons

Cylinders IDENTIFICATION FINISHES Security 6 Pin - offers a high level of security, with over 100,000 differs Anti-manipulation - offers an enhanced level of security to protect against bumping Anti-snap - offers an enhanced level of security to protect against snapping Sizing & Measuring Cylinders are available in a comprehensive range of sizes to suit a wide range of door thicknesses. There are 2 measurements that you need to identify the cylinder size - dimension A & B - see drawing on the right. For example, if dimension A is 45mm and dimension B is 50mm you will need a 45/50 cylinder. Cylinders are available in 4 finishes polished brass, polished nickel, matt brass and matt nickel. Type Double Cylinder Enables locking/ unlocking internally & externally, with a key. Enables locking/ unlocking internally only, with a key. Is not visible externally . Enables locking/ unlocking internally & externally but has a ‘knob’ instead of a key internally Half Cylinder Thumbturn Cylinder Diagram 1 Diagram 2 Dimension B Dimension A Polished Nickel Matt Brass Matt Nickel Polished Brass 289 Choosing Your Cylinder Order by 5pm // Delivered When You Need It