Trickle Vents for Even the Most Cynical Homeowner

Strafford Cooke, Technical Director

The apparent contradictions in the new Building Regs as they impact on windows and doors have been pretty well documented over the last few months – not least by me!

Approved Document L requires improved thermal performance of windows and doors, and Approved Document F requires better ventilation – 90% of the time using trickle vents. But, as long as the current testing regime for Doc L U-Value/WERs performance allows windows to be assessed without trickle vents, then the main carbon reduction objectives of the Future Homes strategy driving are always going to be undermined.

However, I do accept that as an industry, we have to accept the new rules and respond as positively and efficiently as we can.

For that reason, Mila has chosen to add the Yale SlotVent contemporary styled trickle vents to our range, making it easy for customers to comply with Doc F using Mila as their One Stop Shop for both ventilation and hardware.

With SlotVent, we’re offering what is first and foremost a quality solution requiring minimal disruption in fabrication. Just as importantly though, it’s designed to be stylish and unobtrusive enough to help convince even the most cynical homeowner that they will benefit from better indoor air quality as a result.

The SlotVent range comes in three sizes – 2500EA, 4000EA and 5000EA, which means they can be used on their own or in combination to reach the 4000mm2, 8000mm2, or 1000mm2 Minimum Equivalent Area thresholds now required for bathrooms, kitchens and habitable rooms in either multi-storey or single-storey dwellings.

The choice of sizes should enable installers to avoid over speccing and effectively over ventilating rooms where there is more than one window if, as I predict, more fabricators switch to fitting trickle vents as their default option.

There is also a noise reduction version available with an integral foam gasket on the internal section, which overcomes one of my other main concerns about trickle vents – that they would unnecessarily increase noise levels for urban residents. These also feature a curved hood for optimum weather sealing and minimal risk of draughts, and they can be ordered with a fly screen add-on if required.

Some may not be aware that one of the requirements of Doc F is that all trickle vents fitted must be controllable by the occupant. Again, SlotVent has that covered with 30°, 60° and 90° tilt modes on all the versions to adjust the airflow as required.

There are 10 colours available across the range, including anthracite grey, Irish oak, cream and Chartwell green to match with the most popular frame choices, and all have the option of a white internal half to suit most decor.

In terms of fitting, Mila is supplying fabricators with all the routing details they need to set up the machines in their factories for the different SlotVent variants, and the vents themselves come with universal pre-fitted clips designed to make fabrication as quick and easy as possible.

Our Technical Team will of course give customers all the help and advice they need, and we can even visit to support with set up if customers want that.

Alongside the product launch, Mila’s marketing team has created a dedicated new section on the website which gives customers lots of information on when trickle vents are required and how best to communicate the benefits to homeowners.

One of the key advantages of buying from Mila of course is that trickle vents can simply be added to a customer’s hardware order, and they will come with all the value-added elements of the Mila service including next day delivery from stock, sales and marketing support, expert technical advice, and independent testing services.

More info can be found here.

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