Product choice extends from what you buy to how you buy it – By Sarah Gyde, Head of Marketing, Mila

Mila prides itself on the fact that it has a product to suit every fabricator and every budget. Our good, better, best ranges mean that we have affordable entry level products as well as top of the range high security options, all supplied with the peace of mind backing of the Mila brand.

We have long recognised that we need to provide a choice for customers, and that extends from what they buy, to how they buy from us, and how they access product information.

That breadth of choice has probably never been more clearly illustrated than this month when we launch the new Mila website alongside the new Key 8 product catalogue.

It is obviously true that the majority of customers do now browse for our products online via their laptop, tablet or phone, but many others still like the comforting feel of a printed catalogue, and that’s absolutely fine with us. We have no intention of replacing one with the other – as long as there is still demand for a catalogue alongside the website, then we will happily provide both.

In terms of the new website at, I like to think that it will set a new benchmark in the industry – it’s beautifully designed, perfectly intuitive and packed with information which is easily accessible on any type of screen.

There are clearly defined product sections, lots of spotlight focuses showing what’s behind some of our most iconic products, and plenty of features on key members of the team and Mila’s commitments on social responsibility.

There’s even a dedicated section hosting Managing Director Richard Gyde’s popular blog and a showcase for our Technical Manager Strafford Cooke to set out his Tech Talk updates pointing out the latest changes in legislation and best practice.

Technical and fitting information is available to download individually on any product in the range, or customers can access and download a PDF of the Key 8 catalogue if they so choose.

The Kay 8, so named because it’s the ‘key to quality hardware’, has been part of Mila’s sales and marketing package for more than 20 years and the feedback we get from customers suggests that it is still highly valued.

It’s tactile and real of course and, at A5 size, is something they can keep neatly on their desk, on their work bench or even in the glove box of their van to look up at any time. They can mark up the catalogue with their own notes, fold down the corners of their favourite pages and put it down and pick up the next day; and many still love the ease and practicality of that.

In this new version, we’ve kept everything which customers have told us that they love about the Key catalogue over the years – the detailed product specifications, photos, accreditations and guarantee information, but we’ve completely updated the design to make it more usable and accessible than ever.

Each of the product sections is colour coded for easy referencing and every product featured is illustrated with a close-up photo and a list of its features and benefits. There’s also a technical drawing alongside each and a list of part numbers for easy ordering.

We think we’ve thought of everything on both the website and in the catalogue with selection guides so that customers can choose the right version of a product for any particular application, and even references to the relevant sections within the Building Regs so that they can see which product meets the appropriate legislation.

While more than 50% of the website and the catalogue are devoted to Mila products in line with the proportion of our sales which are now own branded, there is also similarly detailed information across both on the third party products we supply from other leading brands such as Siegenia and Yale.

Customers can access the new website now via and if they want to get their hands on a physical copy of the Key 8 catalogue, they can contact Mila on:  01327 312400 or via: