Glass News, Face to Face

News | Becky-Lou Sanderson, Internal Sales Representative

Becky-Lou is the face behind the voice for Mila’s customers in the south and south east. Bubbly, enthusiastic and Mila through and through, she’s been selling hardware for 10 years but still gets a thrill from being first to secure a sale on any new product. Continue reading…

Mila Launches New Cost Effective Tilt and Turn Hardware Range

News | Mila Products

Mila has partnered with the award winning European hardware manufacturer AXOR to bring a brand new range of tilt and turn hardware to the UK market.

Suitable for windows from 400mm to 1520mm wide and 370mm to 2390mm high, the new range gives fabricators a cost effective alternative to the Siegenia tilt and turn hardware which Mila already distributes, and widens the choice available for Mila customers. Continue reading…

A Polarised Window Market Doesn’t Have to Mean Bad News

News | Richard Gyde, Managing Director

There’s little doubt that we’re seeing a growing polarisation in the window market – with sales of premium products to affluent householders growing much more quickly than sales of standard alternatives in the more mainstream sector.

The recent figures from AMA Research’s report into the UK Door and Window Fittings market certainly indicate that high value, high security hardware products are considerably outperforming standard mass market products, and the latest Palmer Report again emphasised how market growth is being driven by high end products.

If you’re a fabricator or installer, the received wisdom now seems to be that the only place to position your business for growth is in this premium sector, promoting products like high end composite doors, flush fitting sashes and aluminium bi-folds to customers who are more likely to be older homeowners with more disposable income and less focus on price. Continue reading…

100% Score for MILA

News | Performance

Mila has received what is arguably the ultimate endorsement of its quality management systems with a 100% score in its most recent ISO9001 BSI audit.

The score means Mila can transition immediately from the 2008 version of the ISO9001 standard to the revised 2015 version, positioning the hardware specialist alongside many of the UK’s leading businesses.

Continue reading…

More Praise for MILA in Supply Chain Audit

News | Performance

Just a few months after being named the Component Supplier of the Year at the G-Awards, Mila has had yet another positive endorsement of its performance, winning an ‘exceeding organisation’ rating from consultants Grant Thornton.

Grant Thornton has just independently audited Mila’s entire supply chain, analysing everything from how it manages its inventory to how its warehouse and transport operations perform. The hardware specialist scored a very impressive 2.7 out of 4, putting it alongside some of the UK’s biggest and most successful businesses.

One of the areas which Grant Thornton singled out for praise was Mila’s handling of the Chinese New Year. Continue reading…

Move Over ALEXA – Meet NORA

News | Sales & Ordering

Move over Alexa – and meet NORA. NORA is the brand new online ordering system from Mila which makes it even easier for customers to place their hardware orders direct.

Customers can now choose to receive a personalised NORA order form from their Mila sales contact which is pre-populated with all the products they order most often. All they have to do is fill in the quantities they need of each of those products and send the form back to:

There’s no need for customers to check product specs or enter part numbers – NORA takes care of everything. They even get a confirmation email from NORA confirming exactly what they have ordered. Continue reading…