The Benefits of a Supply Agreement are mutual

News | Richard Gyde, Managing Director

With Brexit uncertainty continuing to cast a very long shadow across the market, the issue of supply agreements is coming up with increasing regularity in our conversations with customers.

For fabricators, of course they offer guaranteed levels of service, while for suppliers like Mila, they offer greater transparency in terms of demand forecasting.

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Voice of the Industry, Glass News

News | Richard Gyde, Managing Director

2019 promises to be an interesting year!  In or out of Europe?  Paying silly money in the £billions to the EEC whether we stay or go, and £billions in overseas aid.  You’ve set your budget for your business:  what do you think 2019 will do for you, your business and the country?

We’re taking a cautious approach to 2019 at Mila and setting our budget based on a no deal Brexit scenario. Without any clear indication yet of what kind of deal, if any, will be reached, we think it’s prudent to be cautious but still optimistic.

My biggest concern is the housing market which so much of this industry depends on. I don’t think we’ll see anything like the 35% drop in prices which Mark Carney has warned about in the event of no deal, but even the current uncertainty is having a negative impact on house prices and on the number of homes for sale.

We will also of course have to watch and see how the money markets respond because any fall in the value of the pound could affect prices here in the UK.

At Mila, we’ll be doing much as we did in the downturn after 2008 – focusing our investment into new products which will give our customers a competitive advantage and concentrating on the outstanding service they like so much.

Pearl Windows Switches to Mila’s Hero TBT Hardware

News | Mila Customers

Leading trade fabricator Pearl Windows has become one of the first companies to switch to Mila’s new HERO hardware for its TBT window range.

The Bolton based manufacturer was quick off the mark when Mila launched the new hardware back in May, and says it is already getting positive feedback from customers operating in the commercial and social housing sectors.

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Letter to the Editor – BREXIT

News | by Oliver Burgess, Supply Chain Director

There are less than six months to go now until the UK officially leaves the EU at 11pm on 29th March 2019.

While we still don’t have any clear indication of what the Brexit outcome will actually look like, there’s no doubt any change to the status quo is likely to cause disruption to this industry’s supply chains, and could potentially affect every single one of us to a greater or lesser degree.

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BREXIT – The Phoney War Is Nearly Over

News | Oliver Burgess, Supply Chain Director

After what can only be described as the longest ‘phoney war’ in history, the Brexit countdown is now well and truly on. Unless something (else!) extraordinary happens in UK politics over the next five months or so, the UK will officially leave the European Union at 11pm on 29th March 2019.

Now, if you’re one of those people who hasn’t given Brexit very much thought as yet because you don’t think it will affect your business, or you’re so bored and disillusioned with the whole thing that you’ve disengaged from the discussion, can I appeal to you to read on because Brexit will undoubtedly affect every single business in this industry to a greater or lesser degree.  Continue reading…

Women in Industry, Glass News

News | Sarah Gyde, Marketing Director

The ‘Women In Industry’ series in Glass News highlights the aspirations of women in the window, door, glass, roofs and hardware industry and aims to inspire more to makes this their career. This month, Glass News spoke to Sarah Gyde, Marketing Director at Mila. Continue reading…