New Year Message, Glass News

I don’t think Mila has ever appreciated the support and loyalty of our customers as much as we did in 2020, and I would sincerely hope that they felt the same about us.

We stood shoulder to shoulder throughout, talking and listening all the time so that we knew exactly what customers needed from Mila and keeping them up to date with our herculean efforts to get stock to them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Obviously, we were hampered by the global freight crisis which hit at the end of last year, but there are signs that is easing now, and we’re focused on restoring stock levels to something like normal.

We’ve got huge volumes of new stock arriving in January and February and in amongst that will be some exciting new products, including a TS008 accredited letterplate. This will finally give the market a product which satisfies the anti-fishing rules in a stylish and easy to fit package.

Richard Gyde, Managing Director

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