Voice of the Industry by James Kiernan, Glass News

“We’ve had the FIT Show with a lot of product launches to give the industry some impetus, but has the first half of 2016 lived up to budgetary expectations?  And what of the rest of the year?  Whether we, as a country, have voted to remain or leave the EU, what are your expectations for the second half of 2016?”

Mila has had a very satisfactory first half of the year – the first quarter exceeded expectations and the second quarter looks close to budget already.

By the time this is published, we will of course know the EU referendum result, and we will probably be looking a bit more closely at the predictions made during the campaign – essentially, that a ‘remain’ vote could potentially unlock pent up demand and give the industry further impetus, while, if the dire predictions that were associated with a ‘leave’ vote are to be believed, there is the risk of an instant recession.

As I see it, the market will find its own level, whether the UK is in the EU or not.  But, we need not be spectators.  Whatever the outcome, the winners in this industry will continue to be those businesses like Mila which remain agile in the given trading conditions and provide the best service and the most innovative products.

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