Glass News, Voice of the Industry, November

Glass News asked us…

Marketing budgets, and marketing staff, are usually the first to suffer cuts in difficult times, and many would say, wrongly.  But has this past year changed your marketing thinking and efforts, or changed how you market your products or services?  Are you using different channels now that face-to-face contact with your customers is restricted?  What are those changes, and do you think they will become your marketing norm?  Indeed, has the need to think outside-the-box actually benefitted your marketing and, in turn, your sales?

“This year has probably speeded up changes which were already happening in our marketing. With an in-house team with loads of digital expertise, we’ve very much been able to take a ‘digital first’ approach in response to the restrictions. We’ve continued to develop the Mila website so that it really does have everything our customers could need in terms of product and technical information, and we’ve created digital toolkits for customers packed with useful content and downloadable images.

We’re already seeing the benefits in terms of increased hits on the websites and much higher levels of digital engagement, and it’s certainly justified the huge amount of work we’ve put in.

However, before we all switch wholesale to digital, I think we need to be aware that, it’s not the complete answer. Lots of customers still want physical display boards and printed literature to help them win business, just as they sometimes want a visit from a salesperson rather than a video chat, and we’ll go on providing those for as long as they need them.”


– Sarah Gyde, Marketing Director

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