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Glass News, Face to Face

Becky-Lou is the face behind the voice for Mila’s customers in the south and south east. Bubbly, enthusiastic and Mila through and through, she’s been selling hardware for 10 years but still gets a thrill from being first to secure a sale on any new product.


It’s All About You

Where you were born and live, currently?

“I was born in Rugby, Warwickshire but have lived in Daventry since I was 10, first with my parents and now with my husband Jake.”

Your education and the subject or activity which you excelled?

“I loved art and textiles at school but left at 16 to study hair and beauty at college in Rugby. Even though I soon realised that wasn’t the career for me, I can still turn my hand to the occasional make-over for any family or friends who ask.”

Your favourite sports or interests?

“I spend so many wet and windy Saturday afternoons watching Jake play rugby for the Daventry All Blacks that I’ve become something of a rugby fan. Without him though, I’d spend all my time out with my Maltese/Tibetan cross Alfie – I adore animals and definitely prefer to watch agility and Flyball than most human sports!”

Your biggest regret in life?

“I like to call them life lessons rather than regrets – that way you can always take something positive from any mistakes you make.”

Someone or something that inspires you?

“That’s easy – my Mum. She taught me that you have to work hard to get what you want in life and, while she wasn’t pushy, she was determined that I would make the most of my potential. She did really well in her own career with the local council and was in a very senior position when she retired.”

The temptation you can’t resist..?

“Buying make-up and hair products – I’m convinced that one day I’ll find the perfect mascara or foundation or shampoo… and I’ll keep going until I find it!!”


Your Career

When and how you joined this industry?

“I joined Mila ten years ago when I was just 18, originally as a receptionist. They soon spotted just how much I love to talk to customers and promoted me into the internal sales department. I’ve been here ever since because it’s such a great place to work and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else – I even met my husband at Mila when he was working in the warehouse.”

The job you do in 25 words?

“I process orders, take and make calls to customers, answer technical queries and work closely with Earl Tate, the external sales manager for my south east region.”

Your greatest achievement?

“I’m a target driven person so every time I reach my sales target or win the race to be the first to sell a new product, that immediately becomes my greatest achievement!”

The mistake you’d like to correct?

“I’m doing really well in my career now, training new starters, taking on export sales and looking after the needs of our sister company Mila Maintenance as well as my own customers. I probably wasn’t ambitious enough earlier on, but I’m working hard to correct that one!”


…and your future

What would you like to do if you weren’t in this industry?

“That’s easy – I’d be doing something with dogs. Maybe a doggy daycare company or even a hydrotherapy centre. Jake’s parents run a café and farm shop famous for their Skylark eggs though, so I could easily be roped in to caring for their brood of hens.”

A particular ambition?

“Jake and I are working hard to build a portfolio of properties which will be our retirement fund. We’ve got three in and around Daventry so far – one which we live in, and two which we’re renting out.”

The way you want to be remembered?

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be remembered for being loud and funny, but hopefully people will say I was kind and helpful as well and always went out of my way to help.”


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