Glass News, Julie Holmes Face to Face

It’s All About You

Where were you born, and which part of the country do you currently live?

“I was born in Holywell Green in God’s Own County of Yorkshire, and I’ve always lived within 10 miles of there. In fact, I moved back to Holywell Green just a couple of years ago.”

Your education and the subject or activity in which you excelled?

“I enjoyed science and left school planning to be an Operating Department Practitioner and that’s what I studied at college but, like lots of people, I got a job I enjoyed, earning money that I liked and somehow never went back.”

Your favourite sports or interests?

“I spend most of my spare time out and about in the Yorkshire Dales hiking, camping and walking my beloved Springer Spaniel Chuck.”

Your biggest regret in life?

“I don’t have too many yet! In fact, some of the decisions which probably looked wrong at the time have actually helped me to get where I am now so I can’t regret those. One of the things I do feel sad about though is that over the years I’ve lost touch with several good friends from my childhood – it was much harder to stay in touch before social media took over all our lives!”

Someone or something that inspires you?

“It’s definitely the other successful women in this industry who are dispelling all the myths and stereotypes and really leading the way for others. When I got my first job in field sales, I was the only woman in the team, but those days seem an awfully long time ago now, and I’m immensely proud to be playing just a small part in helping to change things.”

The temptation you can’t resist?

“Definitely cheesecake – show me a Key Lime Pie and I’m yours!”


Your Career

When and how you joined this industry?

“I worked originally for DQS and then joined another hardware company. I started there in internal sales and was promoted several times until I become a regional sales representative. I joined Mila almost exactly four years ago.”

The job you do in 25 words?

“I look after Mila’s biggest customers – making sure they get exactly the kind of bespoke hardware products and tailored service which meets their needs.”

Your greatest achievement?

“It would definitely be my career progression here at Mila. I joined as an Area Sales Manager and, having worked hard and proved myself, am now one of Mila’s two Key Account Managers responsible for millions of pounds worth of business.”

The mistake you’d like to correct?

“I have corrected it now but it was probably not learning to drive until I was 22. That definitely holds you back if you want a career in sales!”

The talent you would like to enhance?

“Working with such big customers on often very complex projects, I’m already pretty good at project management, but I’m looking to push those skills even further and learn how to use the next generation of advanced project management tools.”


…and your future

What you would like to do if you weren’t in this industry?

“I’d no doubt be an Operating Department Practitioner – using my organisational and people skills in a very different way.”

A particular ambition?

“I’d like to climb to the top of the iconic Half Dome mountain in California’s Yosemite national park. We spent 10 days hiking and climbing in Yosemite back in 2015 but didn’t have all the equipment with us that was needed to make it to the summit. Yellowstone national park is our next hiking destination but I’ll definitely make it back to Yosemite one day and climb that peak!”

The way you want to be remembered?

“It’s early days for me but I’d like to think I could inspire other young women to enter the industry, just as I’ve been inspired by those successful women in Mila and in the wider industry who are blazing such a successful trail.”

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