Andy Haynes celebrates 30 years at Mila

Mila’s technical salesman Andy Haynes has just celebrated his 30th anniversary with the company and on the way has become one of its most popular and valued members of staff.

Although he started out working in Mila’s warehouse, Andy proved himself a natural salesman very early on and has spent almost all of his time at Mila out meeting fabricators and installers, talking to them about hardware and helping them to get the very most from the Mila range.

Andy thrives on building relationships with customers – finding out about their businesses and working out how he can solve a problem they are having or help improve their way of working. His product knowledge is unrivalled and, as well as knowing the intricacies of Mila’s complete hardware range, he can also claim to know many hundreds of different profile and hardware combinations.

For this reason, Andy has long also been responsible for product training within Mila, passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm to new members of staff.

Mila’s Managing Director Richard Gyde congratulated Andy on his anniversary saying:

“Our customers all know that they can rely on Andy.  If he can help, he will.  If he hasn’t got the answer, then he’ll find it, and he won’t rest until he’s come up with a solution to fix any problem.”

“We launched our ‘Celebrity Service’ programme at Mila earlier this year aimed at empowering everyone within the business to deliver service which puts a smile on customers’ faces but, in truth, that’s exactly what Andy has been doing for 30 years already.”

Andy is Mila’s fifth longest serving member of staff, just pipped by Richard Gyde who has celebrated 35 years with the business, Robert Gyde who is close behind with 34 years and Chris Harding and Dave Horton who between them have been with Mila for 65 years.

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