A Polarised Window Market Doesn’t Have to Mean Bad News

News | Richard Gyde, Managing Director

There’s little doubt that we’re seeing a growing polarisation in the window market – with sales of premium products to affluent householders growing much more quickly than sales of standard alternatives in the more mainstream sector.

The recent figures from AMA Research’s report into the UK Door and Window Fittings market certainly indicate that high value, high security hardware products are considerably outperforming standard mass market products, and the latest Palmer Report again emphasised how market growth is being driven by high end products.

If you’re a fabricator or installer, the received wisdom now seems to be that the only place to position your business for growth is in this premium sector, promoting products like high end composite doors, flush fitting sashes and aluminium bi-folds to customers who are more likely to be older homeowners with more disposable income and less focus on price. Continue reading…