MILA adds Yale Conexis L1™ to product line up

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Mila has added the Yale Conexis L1™ Smart Lock to its range, adding the legendary Mila stock availability and exceptional customer service to the innovative features of the product.

Mila’s Head of Sales Vicki Sanders says the company is responding to demand from fabricators and installers who are keen to make the most of growing consumer interest in smart homes and smart technology:

“Products like Conexis L1™ are becoming increasingly mainstream, and it’s no longer just tech savvy Millennials who are embracing the kind of convenience and control they offer.
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Adaptability – the Key to a Successful Supply Partnership

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Alongside trust and reliability, one of the key elements of any successful supply partnership is surely adaptability. A supplier that can quickly and cost effectively adapt their offering to the specific requirements of each individual customer can be a hugely valuable asset.

Real adaptability though still represents a significant challenge for many suppliers, because it requires a business to be agile enough to manage deviation from ‘the norm’ without any significantly negative impact on efficiency or profitability. It also, of course, needs a certain type of business culture, and an attitude which sees opportunities where others might see problems. Continue reading…