Our heritage is at the heart of our business

News | Heritage, Richard Gyde, Managing Director

Mila’s heritage goes back to 1971 when Michael Davidsen and Lars Borup-Nielsen founded the business in Denmark and named it after themselves (MiLa). 

45 years on, that heritage is more important to us than ever – not just because it helps to set us apart in what is a relatively young industry, but because it gives everyone who works at Mila a real sense of identity and belonging.

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Mila’s GRIP espag handle shortlisted in Plastics Industry Awards

News | Products

Mila’s brand new ABS GRIP espag handle, has just been given almost the perfect endorsement from the plastics industry itself, having been shortlisted in the Best Industrial Product Design category at the prestigious Plastics Industry Awards.

The GRIP handle has been tested and proven to be stronger than a zinc handle yet comes with a whole range of features and benefits which are only possible because it is manufactured in ABS.  These include a carbon footprint which is 60% lower than a standard zinc handle, an anti-microbial GRIP CleanTouch option featuring a BioCote additive in the ABS, and a GRIP Colour option with paint applied to the ABS in any one of 210 RAL colours. Continue reading…

Stainless steel hardware – It’s not just about the finish

News | Products, Paul Pearson, Product Design Manager

Take two stainless steel handles – they both function and they both look very similar.  But, in my experience, underneath, they can actually be as different as two pieces of furniture – one which is crafted from a piece of solid oak timber sawn, planed and sanded into shape, dove-tail jointed and lovingly waxed and the other produced from a chipboard veneered material, butt jointed and mechanically fixed.

It doesn’t take a design expert to work out which one of these will still be functioning and look the same after five years, never mind 25 – and it’s very much the same case with stainless steel hardware. Continue reading…

Glass News, Voice of the Industry, asks us…

News | James Kiernan, Finance Director

“We’ve had the FIT Show with a lot of product launches to give the industry some impetus, but has the first half of 2016 lived up to budgetary expectations?  And what of the rest of the year?  Whether we, as a country, have voted to remain or leave the EU, what are your expectations for the second half of 2016?”

Mila has had a very satisfactory first half of the year – the first quarter exceeded expectations and the second quarter looks close to budget already. Continue reading…