Mila is in our DNA…

I’d like to congratulate my twin brother Robert Gyde who has just completed 35 years with the business, and put on record here my thanks for his commitment and dedication to Mila.

Most people reading this blog probably won’t know Robert – he’s very much behind the scenes here working as a supply chain analyst, carrying out market analysis and liaising with our suppliers in the Far East. But his is a key role in a company like ours where the success of the supply chain is so vital to ours and our customers’ success.

Robert joined Mila when there were fewer than 10 of us here in the UK and we had just a single industrial unit in Daventry. No sooner had he started though and he was despatched to Denmark to work alongside Mila’s two original founders – Michael Davison and Lars Borrup-Neilson. That’s where he really learned the ropes and developed what is his now legendary attention to detail. Everyone here at Mila knows that if you want to trace any Mila product, you just need to ask Robert – he’s got an encyclopaedic knowledge of Mila part numbers going back years!

I celebrated my own 35 year anniversary with Mila last year and unsurprisingly, Robert and I are Mila’s longest serving employees. We are by no means unique though. Denise Frost from our sales office team and David White who is a product analyst in our supply chain team, both recently celebrated 30 years with Mila too. There are now 9 of us in Mila’s unofficial ‘30+ club’ who have all been here for 3 decades or more. That adds up to more than 280 years’ experience, and between us we really do know a hell of a lot about hardware!

Thanks again Robert and ‘congratulations’.