Love it or hate it – it’s Valentine’s Day

Today is obviously Valentine’s Day – and yesterday was the newly coined Galantine’s Day. Love it or hate it, you won’t be able to avoid it, mainly because it’s been commandeered over recent years by businesses using it as an excuse for cheesy sales and marketing campaigns. It’s not just florists and fancy restaurants cashing in, your inbox and social platforms are just as likely to fill up today with requests from your local takeaway or car dealership asking you to get together!

For us at Mila, that misses the mark massively. If Valentine’s Day is about anything in business marketing terms, it is surely about showing appreciation. That means using it as an opportunity to say thank you to your existing customers for continuing to support you, and perhaps just as importantly saying thank you to those suppliers who go the extra mile in terms of customer service.

We can all learn a lot from the likes of John Lewis who have been known to send out personalised cards and small token gifts to say thank you to loyal customers. They don’t offer a discount code or a last-minute offer to try and persuade you to buy more from them. They are just saying a genuine, bottom of the heart thank you – and ultimately of course, that’s far more likely to mean you will buy more anyway!

I think it’s a similar situation when it comes to saying thank you to suppliers as well – I know from my own experience, when you take the time to recognise and acknowledge outstanding customer service, it will almost always have a positive impact on the relationship.

We love to get thank yous here at Mila – and we always pass them on to the individuals involved and share that appreciation across the business. Great customer service is firmly embedded into the Mila culture but being appreciated for that – whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, means a huge amount. We hope you like our updated heart-shaped Mila logo, just for this week, too.


Laura Braham

Digital Marketing Lead

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