Marketing intern takes over Mila’s social platforms

We’ve got a marketing intern here at Mila for a couple of weeks getting some valuable experience in what, as you can imagine, is a very busy department.

Emily is studying Advertising and Digital Marketing at Northampton University and this is obviously a great opportunity for her to put lots of the theory she’s learnt at uni into practice in an ‘award winning’ real world setting.

Rather than just expect Emily to shadow the team here, we’ve decided to hand over our social platforms to her for the next couple of weeks so that she can get some hands on digital experience. We’ll be watching with interest (and a little bit of nervousness!) to see what she posts and the response she gets. Follow us on instagram here and on Twitter here.

You might remember the story of Eddie the intern who became a media phenomenon earlier this year when he was put in charge of Southern Rail’s Twitter account. Hopefully Emily won’t hit the headlines in quite the same way as Eddie but it would be great if some of our customers got involved and showed her what a friendly and (often unintentionally) funny industry this is!

Many thanks,


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