Coughs & sneezes…

It was virus protection of a very different kind here last week at Mila when we all queued up for our flu jabs.  It’s something we do every year to keep the team here fit and healthy and they are always very popular.

Obviously, from a purely commercial standpoint, it makes sense for us to reduce the risk of lots of people being off work with flu, but I think it also says a great deal about how much we value our team.

Anyone who has had full blown flu knows just how bad it can be and I don’t want anyone here to be ill off work or during their holidays, and I certainly don’t want them or their families to be at risk from the complications of the illness.

The feedback we have from staff is that they appreciate that we have their best interests at heart, but also, in true Mila style, that they like the fact they won’t be letting down customers or colleagues.


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