Business as Usual

Here we go again. I don’t think any of us are surprised that we find ourselves back in what is essentially now a UK wide lockdown and at least this time around we have clear guidance from the government that manufacturing and construction can continue to operate and that, outside of Scotland, tradespeople can still work in people’s homes.

From Mila’s perspective, it is largely business as usual – or as we have adapted to over the last 10 months. All our warehouse and operations team are still working onsite, in line with our COVID-19 protocols including strict social distancing guidelines and with regular temperature checks. Our sales and support teams are all continuing to work remotely, and we have updated the website to make it easy to contact any of the departments you need.

During the pandemic, we’ve continued to make big investments in the website to help all of those customers who also now find themselves working from home. It really is now a fully functioning 24/7 resource for product, technical and testing information and for news and advice. Our team are obviously on hand to help as much as they can, but it’s a really useful extra level of support.

Once again, I find myself writing on my blog ‘we’re all in this together and we’ll support each other until the end’ and hopefully, with the roll out of the vaccines, the end is finally now in sight.


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