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/ ProLinea BreakSafe


Our 6 pin cylinders, now with a BreakSafe line for additional security.

/ 6 pin security with BeakSafe technology.

/ Sacrificial BreakSafe

The BreakSafe breaks away if your cylinder comes under attack from cylinder snapping. Added safety, security and peace of mind.

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Supplied with 3 keys
Range of variants including ergonomic thumbturn
2 polished finishes – chrome and brass

/ 6 Pin Security

6 Pin security | Over 100,000 effective differs | Anti-drill pin protection

Tested to BS EN 1303: 2015, grade 6

Classification 16000C60

Market-leading testing and guarantees

10 Year Mechanical Operation

Mila independently tests products, as part of our commitment to quality, to meet and exceed industry standards to be able to offer our customers marketing-leading mechanical and surface finish guarantees.

Terms and conditions apply.

BSEN 1303

BS EN 1303:2012 classifies cylinders for locks using an 8-digit coding system. Each digit refers to a particular feature of the product measured against the standard’s performance requirements.

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