G-17 time again

Blog | Richard Gyde, Managing Director

Tuesday saw the announcement of the nominations for this year’s G-Awards.

I’m delighted that Mila has been shortlisted in no less than three categories including the much coveted Component Supplier of the Year, alongside the Customer Care Initiative and the Trade Promotional Campaign.

These nominations recognise some of the key areas where Mila continues to excel and it’s a great achievement for the whole team here to have made the shortlist in such competitive categories. Continue reading…

#Paddle2Pedal time

Blog | Richard Gyde, Managing Director

It feels really strange after so many years taking part in the GM Fundraising charity events to be on the other side of the fence this time around, and to be one of those doing the sponsoring rather than the cycling.

If you’ve somehow missed it, 12 of the industry’s best known women are currently canoeing, abseiling and then cycling in what has been dubbed the #paddle2pedal challenge. They started with a 100 mile canoe along the River Wye, then they’ll negotiate an abseil down the rock face at Symonds Yat, and finish with a 120 mile bike ride back up to Oswestry before the end of the week. Continue reading…

TechTalk is Good for All of Us

Blog | Richard Gyde, Managing Director

Anyone who reads Glass News will hopefully be very familiar with our Technical Manager Strafford Cooke’s Tech Talk column, which he’s been writing regularly for over four years. In it, he gives advice to fabricators and installers on everything from distinguishing between different hardware finishes to meeting the demands of TS007.

You can read some of his many highlights here: Continue reading…

A difficult call

Blog | Richard Gyde, Managing Director

Like many in the industry I’m sure, I’m already planning my visit to the FIT Show in a couple of weeks’ time.

Mila took the difficult decision not to exhibit this year largely because the timing of the show, just 13 months after the last one, didn’t fit in with our product development programme. Last year of course, the timing was perfect for the launch of our phenomenal GRIP handle and I like to think we stole the show with our amazingly colourful stand. Continue reading…

3000 miles in 12 days

Blog | Richard Gyde, Managing Director

I’ve recently returned from a two week trip to China – 3,000 miles in 12 days and 10 different hotel rooms, which I’m not sure anyone could really describe as glamorous.

Since Mila made the decision to ‘chase the dragon’ and take our manufacturing offshore back in 2008, these trips have become part of my routine and, while they are always exhausting, they are also absolutely essential. Continue reading…