Another member of the 30+ Club

I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve got another member of the 30+ club at Mila.

Dave Smith, one of our most valued warehouse operatives, clocked up 30 years with the business last week and quite rightly got a special gift from Mila to say thank you. Our Operations Manager Joe Montague made the presentation and gave a lovely speech congratulating Dave and pointing out just how much we appreciate his hard work and of course his loyalty. In most businesses our size, I’m sure you’d struggle to find even one or two people with more than 30 years’ service, but there are 7 of us now at Mila, including me, and between us that adds up to more than 200 years of hardware knowledge and expertise. I’ve said before on the blog that Mila is a business which is incredibly proud of its long heritage and also that, for most of us, it feels almost like a family. Surely, there can’t be much clearer evidence of that than the number of people who have devoted their whole careers to this business and who remain as able, enthusiastic and loyal as ever.


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