Suited Door Accessories

Suited Door Accessories

A suited door accessories range including door knockers, door guards, numerals & letters.

Our new range of door knockers have a reassuringly weighty feel, robust sound and are manufactured in sand-cast or forged brass depending on the design.

The eleven contemporary and traditional knockers include the doctor, pony tail, scrolls and lions head designs offering choice for any entrance style and door application.

The range also includes numerals 0 - 9, letters A, B and C and door guards.

The entire collection is available in seven colour options including smokey chrome and brushed satin chrome that suite perfectly with Mila’s ProSecure, ProLinea and ProStyle door and window furniture ranges.

To ensure quality and durability of our finishes the range has passed robust testing including salt spray to 480 hours for painted finishes and to 240 hours for plated finishes, as well as acid testing to guarantee the thickness of the plating.

The doors knockers are available in a range of sizes - four, six, seven and eight inches - depending on design.

At a Glance

  • 11 Designs
  • 7 Colour options
  • Weather resistant finishes