PSK 160
Tilt and Slide
Patio Gear

PSK 160 Tilt& Slide Patio Gear

PSK 160 Tilt & Slide Patio Gear

PSK 160 tilt and slide patio hardware is manufactured using TS-Look Chromium VI free solutions, providing enhanced corrosion resistance. The hinges and bogie wheels are designed to fit modern chamfered over-rebates.

  • Suitable for PVCU, timber and aluminium profiles
  • Suitable for all profiles, slim and chamfered
  • All components supplied in TS-look silver finish
  • No jigs required for bogie wheels
  • Roller cams on corner drives as standard
  • In creased clearance between sash and frame, therefore it is not necessary to use “slim” or “low” external handles
  • Safe, simple height adjustment of +4mm/-2mm
  • 160kg load capacity
  • Mushroom cam option available for enhanced security
  • Shootbolt option available