ProLinea Espag Handles

ProLinea Espag Handles

The Pro Linea Espag Handle, designed by Mila’s in-house product design team, is available in cranked and inline versions and features a contemporary new rose and screw cover cap. The rose cleverly conceals the internal 90 degree stop which prevents the gearbox from being overstressed and, in turn, a colour matched screw cap covers the whole of the rose.  This results in a handle with minimal, modern sight lines.

The ergonomic push button assembly provides smooth operation and meets child safety regulations. Finger grips provide optimum comfort when the handle is in use. The Pro Linea espag handle is available in locking, non-locking and green button egress versions for emergency exit requirements.

Precision manufactured from a high performance zinc alloy, the Pro Linea espag handle has been successfully tested to 500,000 cycles – more than 20 times the standard requirement  - at the UKAS Accredited Mila Test Centre. It is supplied with a 10 year mechanical warranty and a two year labour guarantee.  

The Pro Linea espag handle is available in 15mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm pin lengths and in a range of finishes including two new finishes – smokey chrome and satin silver as well as white, polished gold and polished chrome.  All finishes come complete with fixing screws as standard.

At a Glance

  • Choice of inline or cranked handles
  • New ergonomic button assembly for smooth operation
  • Push-to-operate button provides child safety, key-to-deadlock enhances security
  • Non-locking & green button egress handles available
  • Design registered screw cover cap for sleek sight lines
  • Innovative internal 90° stop to prevent gearbox over-stressing
  • Available in a range of finishes including white, polished gold, polished chrome, smokey chrome and satin silver