ProSecure Multipoint Door Lock

ProSecure Multipoint Door Lock

Mila’s ProSecure multipoint door lock range offers strength, security and reliability.

Designed and developed in-house, the new door lock range partners perfectly with Mila’s ProSecure door handle and allows you to differentiate your residential and French doors with a high quality, Mila branded solution for PVC and timber applications.

2 upward locking hooks provide enhanced security and 2 independent pins, that engage when the hooks are thrown, provide anti-lift protection.

For enhanced weather sealing, smooth operation and hook engagement, pre-compression roller cams are located top and bottom. Option of either 2 or 4 cams.

Locking points can withstand an applied load of 7.5kN - which is equivalent to the weight of a classic Mini Cooper - and still operate. All locking points, including the centre deadbolt, are thrown by handle operation.

The ProSecure lock is available in both standard and dual function versions, so can be used for standard lever/lever or can provide a rim latch facility by using a split-spindle. The lock can be used in both functions with standard Pz 92 handles. The centre latch is reversible and spring-loaded for use with both sprung and unsprung handles.

Options include either standard or split spindle variants as well as shootbolts top and bottom to provide enhanced security.

Mila has tested the ProSecure multipoint door lock range beyond industry standard requirements and has obtained a full raft of quality and performance accreditations including successful cycle testing in excess of 50,000 cycles under load (PAS23), weather testing to BS6375-1 and enhanced security testing to PAS24.

The door lock range is Secured by Design accredited and has been successfully salt spray tested to 240 hours (BS EN1670 grade 4).


At a Glance

  • 2 Hooks
  • 2 Anti-lift pins
  • Pre-compression roller cams +/- 1mm adjustable
  • Normal or dual function gearbox
  • Option of shootbolts top & bottom
  • Secured by Design
  • PAS 23 - operational reliability
  • PAS 24 - enhanced security
  • BSEN 1670: grade 4
  • BS6375-1
  • Suitable for PVCu, timber & composite applications
  • Suitable for residential & French doors