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Evolution Kitemarked Anti-Manipulation Cylinder

The Evolution anti-manipulation cylinder provides an effective & secure solution to the threat of bumping, lock picking & drilling.

Evolution Anti-Manipulation Cylinder

Mila’s Kitemarked Evolution Anti-Manipulation Cylinder provides an effective and secure solution to the threat of bumping, lock picking & drilling.

The cylinder features six pins providing over 100,000 effective differs, two hardened steel anti-drill pins for enhanced security resistance against drilling and picking, and eight anti-manipulation guard pins to protect against the threat of bumping. These sprung loaded guard pins, four positioned on either side of the tumblers, engage into the plug if bumping is attempted, effectively blocking forced entry.

The Evolution Anti-Manipulation Cylinder has been independently assessed by the MLA & BSI for resistance to attack by bumping and has been rigorously tested to 100,000 cycles and 96 hours of salt spray testing for proven reliability in extreme temperatures. The cylinder achieves stringent BSI Kitemark™ test criteria and meets the police preferred specification requirements of Secured by Design.

The Evolution Anti-Manipulation Cylinder is quick and easy to fit in factory or on-site. Once fitted the door is protected against the threat of bumping.

The Kitemark™ logo stamped on the face of the cylinder provides assurance to the consumer that the Evolution Anti-Manipulation Cylinder meets BSI requirements and also acts as a deterrent to potential intruders.

A comprehensive range of types including thumbturn, and sizes are available in matt brass and matt nickel finishes for all applications. Supplied complete with 3 keys, the standard key profile enables spare keys to be cut on the High Street.

Thumbturn Option

Ergonomic thumbturn cylinders, for the elderly and infirm, are also available


The Threat of Bumping

Lock bumping is a very quick, very quiet and very real threat...

View the video footage below to see a standard cylinder being 'bumped' at the UKAS acredited Mila Test Centre...