Door Locks

215 Door Locks LockMaster PLSP45 (PL45) 2 Hook, 2 Anti-Lift Pin, 2 Roller PRODUCT INFORMATION • Extendable multipoint door lock suitable for residential and French doors • 2 upward locking hooks • 2 anti-lift pins which automatically engage when hooks are thrown, providing enhanced security • 2 pre-compression roller cams, with 22mm travel, for enhanced sealing and compression • Roller cams travel before hooks to ensure smooth operation • Reversible latch for left or right handed doors • Option of 92 PZ or 92/62 PZ (Standard or twin spindle) • Option of shootbolts top & bottom • Lockmaster profile specific packer system allow strikers to be fitted to any PVCu profile Striker Options Include • Individual centre latch & dead bolt striker, 2 x combined hook, pin and roller cam strikers Or • Standard one piece striker Or • Enhanced one piece striker supplied with apertures for through fixing of frame to brickwork without the need to remove the striker Roller Cam Deadbolt CLOSE-UP Order by 5pm // Delivered When You Need It