Anti-Manipulation Cylinders are
Tried, Tested & Kitemarked

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Evolution Anti-Manipulation Cylinders

Mila’s Kitemarked Evolution Anti-Manipulation cylinder features 6 pins, 2 hardened steel anti-drill pins & is protected by 4 guard pins on either side of the tumblers. The sprung loaded guard pins engage into the plug if bumping is attempted, effectively blocking forced entry.
The Evolution Anti-Manipulation cylinder has been rigorously tested, including 100,000 cycles & 96 hours of salt spray testing, to meet strict MLA & BSI KitemarkTM requirements.


It’s Simple to Switch to Our Kitemarked Cylinder

Why do I need to change cylinders?

Bumping is now part of the new British Standard for enhanced security for doors (PAS 024) and a Secured By Design requirement.


When will the regulations be effective from?

With immediate effect, all new doors being tested to PAS 024 & SBD will require a Kitemarked Anti-Manipulation cylinder.


Can I use any Anti-Manipulation cylinder to meet the new requirements?

No, it has to be approved by BSI and Kitemarked.


My doors have been tested to PAS 024 but what do I need to do to comply with the new regulations?

Doors that were tested to PAS 024 before December 2007 will need to be re-tested with a Kitemarked Anti-Manipulation cylinder by December 2008.


How do I benefit from using a Mila Kitemarked Anti-Manipulation cylinder?

Mila recently invested in some independent consumer research. Results indicate that consumers, your customers, are willing to pay a premium for a door fitted with a kitemarked Anti-Manipulation cylinder. The research also suggests that consumers favoured our kitemarked Anti-Manipulation cylinder over & above an ‘anti-pick gel’, despite any price difference. Consumer perception is that our Anti-Manipulation cylinder is strong, secure and reliable but an ‘anti-pick gel’ is ‘gimmicky’ and not secure.


How easy is it to change to a Mila Kitemarked Anti-Manipulation Cylinder?

Really easy. Simply instruct us that you wish to change to our kitemarked Anti-Manipulation cylinder. We can help you with any paperwork and, if necessary, we can arrange a PAS 024 re-test date at the UKAS accredited, independent, Mila Test Centre. Finally, we will process your future cylinder orders.



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